Du Liping, PhD (Chinese Studies)

Senior Lecturer
Department of Chinese
Asia Institute
University of Melbourne
Parkville, VIC 3010, Australia


Dr. Du is a Senior Lecturer in the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne. He received his PhD in Chinese Studies from the same university. His research interests lie in the areas of the environmental as well as social and cultural elements that underlie the localised health care tradition in the southern part of China. He has also investigated traditional medicine markets in China and is currently undertaking a research project on a major traditional medicine market in the northern part of China.

Research Interest

His research interests include: Indigenous medical practices in local communities in the southern part of China, Medicine markets in China and Culturally grounded markets in Taiwan.

Scientific Activities


• (2006 & 2007-2009) Member of the Executive Committee of the Asia Institute
• (2006 & 2008-2011) Convener of the Chinese Program
• (2008-2011) Member of Faculty’s Committee of Disciplines
• (2007-2008) Coordinator of Honours of the Asia Institute
• (2006) Member of Undergraduate Studies Committee of the Asia Institute
• (2004-2005) Member of the Faculty Library Committee
• (2005-2011) Member of the Faculty Board



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