Diane Medved Harper, MD, MPH, MS

Professor and Chair
Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine &
Departments of Obstetrics Gynecology
School of Medicine
8911 Coltsfoot Trace
Prospect, KY 40059, USA

E-mail: harperdi@med.umich.edu



• (1994-1995) MPH, University of Kansas Medical School (Biostats /Epidemiology)
• (1982-1986) MD, University of Kansas Medical School (KUMC)
• (1980-1982) SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Polymerics)
• (1976-1980) SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Chemical Engineering)


•(2005) High Resolution Anoscopy, Biopsy and Treatment, University of California, San Francisco
• (2000) US PHS Primary Care Fellowship, Washington DC
• (2001) Faculty Development: McMaster University, Teaching Evidence Based Medicine, Hamilton, ON
• (1995) Robert Wood Johnson Generalist Physician Faculty Fellowship
• (1994) Faculty Fellow: Stanford Faculty Development Program, Medical Decision Making, Palo Alto, CA
•(1990) Fellow: Colposcopy Training: Harvard Medical School, Louis Burke, MD
•(1986) Colposcopy Training: Kansas University Medical Center, John Calkins, MD
• (1987-1990) Resident: Kansas University Medical Center, Department of Family Medicine
• (1986-1987) Intern: Kansas University Medical Center, Department of Gyn and Obstetrics
• (1985) Fellow: National Institutes of Health, Inter-Institute Genetics Clinic
•(1983) Fellow: Clendening History of Medicine Fellowship, KUMC

Research Interest

Her research interests include: HPV associated diseases, HPV vaccines, High resolution anoscopy, Colposcopy/Vaginoscopy/Vulvoscopy, HPV associated diseases guideline development, Cervical cancer prevention, Early detection and treatment, Quality of life measures incorporated into screening guidelines, Shared decision making around screening decisions, Shared decision making around cervical cancer prevention, HPV biomarkers for clinical screening/triage/prediction, Primary screening strategies for cervical cancer, Primary care responsibility to screening, Precursors, Early Detection, Technology Assessment, Cost effectiveness analysis, Quality of life, Immunologic response, HPV etiology, Practice pattern variations for screening and treatment, Patient education, Telecolposcopy/medicine, Optical characteristics of dysplastic precursors, Identification of in vivo lesions by laser light, PET scanning of brain function during screening and diagnostic cervical cancer Procedures. Osteoporosis/HRT: Drug choice, Prevention strategies.

Scientific Activities


• (1976) First Place Award. Chemistry Division, The International Science and Engineering Fair, for Medved DL
• (1977)London Youth International Science Fortnight, for Medved DL
• (1978) United States National Womens Crew Team
• (1979) Betsy Schumaker Award for the most outstanding woman athlete at Massachusetts
• (1980) United States Olympic Finalist for Womens Crew Team, [Olympics boycotted]
• (1990) Most Outstanding Third-Year Family Medicine Resident Award presented for performance in Internal Medicine at Bethany Medical Center-KUMC
• (1991) Jack L. Mulligan, MD Teacher of the Year Award
• (1994) Saks Fifth Avenue Leadership Recognition Award
• (1994) ACLS Honor Roll
• (1994) Colposcopy Recognition Award, American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
• (1995) UKC Trustees Faculty Fellowship
• (1995) NAPCRG Award for Research Grant Development in Family Medicine
• (1988) KUMC Housestaff Research Award: Second Place
• (1988) KAFP Outstanding Research Award. Kansas Academy of Family Physicians 38th Annual Scientific Assembly, Wichita KS
• (1988) AAFP Second Place. Scientific Exhibits, 1988, American Academy of Family Physicians 40th Annual Scientific Assembly
• (1990) KAFP First Place. Ciba-Geigy Resident Award, Kansas Academy of Family Physicians 40th Annual Scientific
• (1990) AAFP First Place. Scientific Exhibits, American Academy of Family Physicians 42nd Annual Scientific Assembly
• (1992) American Cancer Society Cancer Control Career Development Award
• (1996) Robert Wood Johnson Generalist Physician Faculty Scholar Award
• (1998) Top Ten National Educators in Family Medicine. 50th Anniversary Scientific Convocation of the AAFP • (1998) Teacher of the Year Award, Dartmouth Family Practice Residencies
• (2000) United States Public Health Service Primary Care Policy Fellowship, under the Secretary of HHS (Shalala)
• (2000) ASCCP Best Research of the Year Award from the American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
• (2001) Alpha Omega Alpha, Dartmouth Medical School
• (2002 ASCCP Best Research of the Year Award from the “Harper DM, Noll WW, Raymond M, Belloni D, Cole B.
• (2002) Role Model of the Year Award Family Medicine Residency Dartmouth Lebanon Campus, Dartmouth Medical School
• (2002-2003) AAFP Active Teacher Recognition Award
• (2003) Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science Special Recognition Feature for Teaching
• (2004) Consumers Research Council of America, Top Family Doctor in US, 2004-2005
• (2005) STFM Best Research Paper of 2003-2004, Honorable Mention, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
• (2005) Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science Special Feature for Clinical Teaching
• (2006) Distinguished Service Award, EuroGin, Paris (International recognition of work towards the prevention of cervical cancer)
• (2005) New Hampshire Family Physician of the Year, 2006
• (2007) Prevention Magazine Top Ten Health Heroes of the Year. March 2008 publication
• (2008) Woman of Excellence of MIT Womens Crew Awarded at the 35th anniversary of womens crew at MIT, October 4, 2008, Cambridge, MA
• (2008) Science Pioneers Award for Scientific Achievement, 18, 2008
• (2009) Jack L. Mulligan, MD Teacher of the Year Award
• (2010) Jack L. Mulligan, MD Teacher of the Year Award
• (2011) Outstanding Athletic Award for MIT Woman Alumna
• (2011) van Gogh Cinematic Vision Award, Amsterdam Film Festival: The Greater Good a film about HPV vaccination in the US
• (2011) 2nd annual Koroni Award, KoronisFest, a Festival for health communications in all media
• (2011) Jack L. Mulligan, MD Teacher of the Year Award
• (2012) Jack L. Mulligan, MD Teacher of the Year Award
• (2012) MIT Educational Councilor
• (2013) Kansas City Super Doctors Designation
• (2013) STFM Excellence in Education Award
• (2013) Prix Monte-Carlo Femme de lAnnée
• (2013) Jack L. Mulligan, MD Teacher of the Year Award
• (2014) Kansas City Super Doctors Designation
• (2015) Curtis G Hames Research Award
• (2015) Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine, ELAM Scholar
• (2015) Notre Dame de Sion Alumna of the Year


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