Denise Rizzolo, PhD, MPH, PA-C

Assessment and Evaluation Specialist
Physician Assistant Education Association
Washington, DC, USA


Denise Rizzolo is an Assessment and Evaluation Specialist for the Physician Assistant Education Association. She received her Master degree in Science – Physician Assistant from Rutgers University, her PhD in Health Science from Seton Hall University and her MPH from the University of Missouri. Dr. Rizzolo has a 18-year history in higher education working with Seton Hall University Physician Assistant program for 16-years. Given Dr. Rizzolo’s passion for public health, she has been a volunteer at the Westfield Regional Health Department where she first served as the Communicable Disease Outreach Coordinator and now she is a COVID-19 advisor. Through her interest in assessment she has focused on Cultural Humility in Assessment and lectures and publishes on the topic regularly. She recently presented her work on cultural humility in item-writing at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Board of Medical Examiners (ABME). She helps reach vulnerable populations by making house visits to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. For the past 21 years, she has worked in Urgent Care/Family practice, where she precepts PA and MPH students.


(1997) BS, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
(2000) MS, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
(2008) Doctor of Philosophy, Health Science/Specialization in Leadership Theory
(2021) Post-Master’s Certificate, Seton Hall University – South Orange, NJ, USA

Research Interest

Her research interest keywords: Cultural humility, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Assessment, COVID-19, Vaccinations, Autism spectrum disorder.

Scientific Activities


• (2022), Bernard L. Turner Award, Teacher Excellence Award, Walden University
• (2015), APEX- Award for Publishing Excellence- 2015 for the article: Clift K, Rizzolo D. Vaccines myths and misconceptions. JAAPA. 2014; 27(8): 21-25.
• (2015), Winner 2nd Place of 2015 AAPA Annual Student Poster Contest for: Desmarais PI, Viereck A, Newby D, Berfet S Rizzolo, D. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Immunizations: College Students’ Beliefs. American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA May 23, 2015.
• (2014), Mentor- 2014 Paul Ambrose Scholarship Program for Shontelle Berfet
• (2013), Coauthor to First Place Paragon Writing Award 2013 for: Castellano CR, Rizzolo D. Maximizing oral health in children: A review for physician assistants. JAAPA.2012;25(7):28-33.
• (2011), Coauthor to First Place Paragon Writing Award 2011 for: Furman M, Rizzolo D. Evaluation of the vertiginous patient: A complex complaint made simple. JAAPA. 2011;24(10): 52-58.
• (2011), Researcher of the Year-School of Health and Medical Science


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