Deepti Dabas, PhD

Lead Scientist
Kalsec Inc.
3713 West Main Street
Kalamazoo 49006, Michigan, USA



Dr. Dabas is working on research and development of natural colorants at Kalsec Inc. She completed PhD in Food Science from Pennsylvania State University. Her PhD research was on developing natural colorant from avocado seed and studying its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and chemical properties.

Research Interest

Her research interests includes: Nutraceuticals including evaluation of their bioactivity, anti-cancer compounds, natural colorants

Scientific Activities


• Graduate Research Fellowship, Department of Food Science PSU (2007 – 2011 )
• Travel award for attending Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) annual meeting (2011)
• Sponsored registration for attending annual American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting (2011)
• First prize in Annual Graduate and Undergraduate Research Expo, PSU (2011)
• Robert D. and Jeane L. McCarthy Memorial Graduate Scholarship, PSU (2010)
• Junior Research Scholarship (JRF), India (1999-01)


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