Daniel Kazachkov, DMD

Dental Arts of Westwood
Dentist Serving Westwood
Needham, Dedham, Norwood, MA, USA



• (2004-2008) D.M.D. degree Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
• (2000-2004) 4 year accelerated Biology/Chemistry program with BS in Biology with honors – University of Massachusetts


•(2014-Present) Dental Arts of Westwood, Dentist Serving Westwood, Needham, Dedham, Norwood, MA, USA
•(2013-2014) Boston University School of Dental Medicine Restorative Faculty teaching students
•(2010-Present) Advanced Dentistry at Dental Arts of Westwood as Owner and Sole Proprietor, performing general dentistry, advanced cosmetic/prosthetic dentistry and the full scope of Oral Surgery and Endodontic Procedures.
•(2011-Present) General Dentistry Oral Surgery and Endodontics at International Place Dental Associates
•(2010-Present) General Dentistry Oral Surgery and Endodontics at All Smiles Dental Inc. in Lowell, MA where I developed a large referral base
•(2008-2010) General Dentistry at Family Dental with cosmetic dentistry and a developed Endodontics and Oral Surgery referral base as well as impacted wisdom tooth removal.
•(2008-2009) General Dentistry at Gentle Dental with experience in Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Operative Dentistry and Oral Surgery
•(2007-2008) Student Teacher in the Tufts Dental Lab TA program for Paula Callahan
•Implantology Fellow from the American Dental implant Association run by Dr. Arun Garg from The Miami Implant Institute
•Volunteer work at Native American Reservations in Arizona doing dentistry in the desert.
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Research Interest

His research interests include: General Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Pharmacology

Scientific Activities


•(2012) Opioid Prescribing Course mandated by Mass Dental Board along with all Clinical Emergency classes mandated by the dental board for the new equirements and an ACTIVE Massachusetts License
•(2014) CPR Certification through
• Fellow and Member of the American Dental Implant Association with 120 CE course classroom hours attained through continuum course with Dr. Arun Garg and additional didactic experience of placement abroad
• Dr. Frank Spears esthetics in crown and bridge and Veneer work on Ant. and Posterior teeth
• Dr. Lowe’s restorative dentistry seminars and the utilization of stain to give natural dentition
• Course on H1N1 Virus awareness and its methods of potential spread in a dental environment
• Extensive Endodontic CE courses with Dr. Buchanan, with focus on multiple areas; including retreats, apicoectomies, and vertical condensation
• Extensive Oral Surgery courses in Wisdom tooth impactions and possible complications, frenectomies, bone grafting and flap design
•(2001-2004) Organic Chemistry Lab at the University of Massachusetts working with highly reactive metals and metalloids, and the effects of inert gases on the control of highly unstable reactions, in order to determine ideal conditions for synthesis of new, more stable and controlled reactions. Dr. Adams of the Organic Chemistry Honors Department
•(2001-2004) Microbiology Lab at the University of Massachusetts studying the mutations responsible for the antibiotic resistance of Staph. aureus (MARS) and the effects of antibiotic overuse in modern medicinal treatments Under Dr. Brian O’Connor of the Biology Department


• Graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine with a High Endodontic, Prosthodontic, and Operative grades of 90% and above
• Graduate of the Commonwealth Honors College from the University of Massachusetts
• 8 Semesters of Deans List Honors with State recognition for excellence in education
• WREB Certification with an 89.3% total score
•(2014 and 2015) Won best of Westwood Massachusetts 2 years running now


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