Daien Vincent, PhD

Medical Doctor
Department of Ophthalmology
Universitary Hospital of Montpellier
Montpellier 34090, France



• Medical thesis of Ophthalmology obtained in June 2012 on visual acuity outcome and predictive factors after bevacizumab for central retinal vein occlusion
• PhD in Biostatistics and Epidemiology (2010-2014) obtained in January 2014: in Inserm 1061 (national institute of health and medical research), on retinal vascular caliber and cardiovascular biomarkers. Autonomy in computer programming SAS® and in retinal vascular caliber analysis using IVAN®

Research Interest

His research interests include: Paediatric ophthalmology, Strabismus surgery and Oculomotor palsy surgery.

Scientific Activities


• (since 2007) SFO (Societe Francaise d Ophtalmologie)
• (since 2010) ARVO (Association for Research and Vision in Ophthalmology)
• (since 2012) EVER (European association for Vision and Eye Research)
• (since 2015) AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology)
• (since 2012) AFSOP (Association Francophone de Strabologie et Ophtalmologie Pédiatrique)


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