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  • 2019, August

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    Impact of Insomnia on Optimism: A Predictor Factor among Young Adults in Indian ContextOpen Access

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    This study examined the impact of insomnia and its psychosocial correlates among young adults in a University in Indian Context.


    Sample data were collected from 92 full-time university students (68.3 % females, mean age=19.33 SD=1.032 in Group 0 and in Group 1: 96.6% females, mean age=23.21 and SD=1.146).


    Participants completed a self-reported questionnaire that included the pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI), and optimism index (OI). A PSQI global score equal to or greater than 5 indicated insomnia.


    There is a negative correlation between insomnia and PSQI and OI was found to be (r =-0.342, p<0.01) which means a higher level of optimism is related to better sleep quality and more sleeping difficulties relate to lower level of optimism.


    Optimism and sleep quality were both cause and effect of each other a bidirectional causal relationship.


    Insomnia symptoms; Sleep duration; Optimism.

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