Volume 4, Issue 1

  • 2019, November

    case report

    Allergic Contact Dermatitis by Beryllium Chloride as Unique Sensitivity: A Case ReportOpen Access

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    Beryllium can be found in silver alloy, in costume jewelry and in dental prosthesis. It is also used in aerospace industry and might be also found in precision instruments. Pure contact dermatitis to Beryllium has never been described as in this case associated with allergic contact dermatitis to jewelry. Most reports of Beryllium contact dermatitis are related to dental prosthesis and most of the cases we have seen Beryllium allergic contact dermatitis is associated with other positive allergens. We believe that this metal should be added to the dental screening as according to our findings.


    Beryllium; Jewelry; Allergy; Skin allergy; Allergic contact dermatitis.