Bruno M. Pereira, MD, MHSc, PhD, FACS, FCCM

Associate Professor
Trauma Surgery & Surgical Critical Care
University of Campinas


Dr. Bruno Pereira graduated in Medicine in 2003, specializes in General Surgery (2004- 2006) with an area of expertise in Trauma Surgery (2007). In the same year, he Post-graduated in Emergency Medicine and Emergency (University of Buenos Aires – AR). In 2008 did his Fellowship/Research in Surgery of Trauma/Critical Care at the University of Miami/ Ryder Trauma Center-USA. Completed his Master of Science in Surgery in 2012 at University of Campinas – Brazil. He is currently a faculty in the Department of Trauma Surgery at the State University of Campinas – FCM/UNICAMP.

Research Interest

His research interests include: Trauma Surgery, New area of Trauma, Emergency and Emergency Elements clotting medicine of War Training in Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care

Scientific Activities

Dr. Pereira is currently WSACS Ambassador and Director of Disasters Committee at the Pan American Trauma Society.


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