Botulinum Toxin Type A in Neurogenic Overactive Bladder Dysfunction in Patients with Multiple SclerosisBotulinum Toxin Type A in Neurogenic Overactive Bladder Dysfunction in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

*Corresponding author: Villalba Bachur Roberto F*, Kohan Diego F, Fernandez C. Gaston, Angeloni Guido, Koren Claudio A, Longo Emilio M

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Lower Urinary tract symptoms are common in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and have a negative influence on the quality of life (QoL). Detrusor overactivity is the most frequent symptom. Lifestyle modifications are the first therapeutic line followed by oral medication in patients with storage dysfunction. When these drugs are ineffective or intolerable, botulinum toxin bladder injection is an alternative treatment. The aim of this work is to evaluate the effectiveness and the impact on QoL of patients with MS and refractory or intolerant to oral therapy overactive bladder (OAB) after botulinum toxin type A bladder injection.
Materials and Methods
Retrospective study with six-months follow-up of patients with MS diagnosis and a refractory or intolerable to oral drugs OAB treated with botulinum toxin injections. All patients completed urological evaluation and a QoL questionnaire prior to the injection, 3 and 6-months after. Evaluation of the urodynamics tests prior and 3-months post injection was made.
Sixteen patients were treated. The QoL questionnaire showed progressive improvement 3 and 6-months after the injection. There was decrease in the number of daily voids urination and in the urinary incontinence episodes. There was an upgrade in the bladder capacity from 191 to 338 ml average (p 0.0004) and 75% evidenced disappearance of detrusor overactivity (p 0.0005). Thirteen (13) patients (81.25%) made spontaneous urination with post-voiding residue <100 ml after injection. Three (3) episodes of urinary tract infection were evidenced. Conclusion Botulinum toxin generates a positive impact on the QoL of patients with neurogenic OAB with MS.