Bianca Bergamo De Araujo Paulino, PhD

Department of Pathology
São Paulo University Medical School
Av. Dr. Arnaldo, 455
01246-903, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Dr. Paulino is a Post-doctorate Researcher in the Department of Pathology, Medical School, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2014). Dr. Paulino spent one year (2011) in the Medical School, University of Sheffield, UK – Department of Infection and Immunity, sponsored by an European Respiratory Society Long Term Research Fellowship (LTRF -MC1562-2010). She completed PhD from 2004 – 2009, at Department of Pathology of the Sao Paulo University. She completed Degree in Physical Therapy from the State University of Londrina, Brazil in 2002, and Respiratory Residency from University of Franca, Brazil in 2004.

Research Interest

Her research interests include: Airway smooth muscle, extracellular matrix, pulmonary rehabilitation, asthma and interstitial lung diseases.

Scientific Activities


• Gold Sponsorship, European Respiratory Society – Munich/Germany, 2006
• Young Scientist, European Respiratory Society – Copenhagen/Denmark, 2005
• Bronze Sponsorship, European Respiratory Society – Vienna/Austria, 2003


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