Arnon Blum, MD

Director of Medicine
Department of Medicine
Baruch Padeh Poria Medical Center affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat Gan, 5290002, Israel


Dr. Blum received his MD at the Technion, specialized in Internal Medicine at Hebrew University, and then in Cardiology at Tel-Aviv University. He served in the IDF as a Flight Surgeon (Lieutenant Colonel). Since 1999 Prof. Dr. Blum has been the Director of the Internal Medicine Ward at Baruch Padeh Medical Center—Poriya, Tiberias. Dr. Blum further concentrated on Vascular Biology and Vascular Stem Cell research, receiving his training at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD, USA; 1997-1999 and 2006-2008) exploring means for cardio-vascular regeneration. In 2011-12, he was invited as a visiting Professor to lead a clinical trial at the University of Miami for adult (mesenchymal) stem cell transplants to patients with severe heart failure. There, he discovered a key mechanism that explains the beneficial effects of cell transplantation to the failing heart.
Dr. Blum is the incoming Director of Internal Medicine Department in the Faculty of Medicine, and a member of 5 steering committees at Bar-Ilan University School of Medicine in the Galilee. His main goal now is to build a Center of Excellence in Regenerative Medicine at the School of Medicine in the Galilee, which will focus on cardiovascular regeneration and include basic research and clinical facilities.

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Endothelial Progenitor Stem Cell Research, Endothelial Function and Vascular Biology, Heart Failure and Preventive Cardiology, Stem Cell Transplantation for Cardiovascular Disease.

Scientific Activities


• (1995) Winner of the Henri Neufeld Research Award
• (1997) Winner of the Kellerman Research Award for Young Scientists
• (2004) Winner of the Best Clinical Research Competition/Meeting of the Israeli, Society for Research, Prevention, and Treatment of Atherosclerosis
• (2004) Teva-Danone Award
• (2013) Excellence Grant in Cardiovascular Research-Diabetes and Stem Cells, Bar Ilan University


• (2001) Israeli Internal Medicine Society
• (1999) Israeli Clinical Cardiology in the Community
• (1999) Israeli Intensive Cardiac Care
• (1996) Israeli Heart Association
• (1995) Israeli Association of Transplantation
• (1994) International Society of Heart Research- European Section
• (1988) Israeli Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society



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