Amir Golmohamadi, PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Associate and Instructor
School of Family and Consumer Sciences
875 Perimeters Dr. MS 3183
Moscow, ID 83843, USA


Dr. Golmohamadi was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. He has 9 years of combined research and industry experience in Food Science and Nutrition. He hold a Ph.D. from University of Idaho (UI) with Post-Doctoral research and teaching experience in Nutrition.

Research Interest

His research interests include: The application of food engineering and food chemistry to improve human health and food safety. His post-doctoral experience has been on the child nutrition. His ultimate goal in research is to develop good textured and nutritious food products to improve the health and diet of consumers (specifically children) by combining food rheology, sensory, and nutrition science.

Scientific Activities

Research Grants

• Dec. 2013 – Received 50,000 dollars from Mountain West IDeA Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Network (CTR-IN), a regional NIH funding agency. I was the co-writer on this proposal to study the effect meal.

Student Awards

•(2013) University of Idaho Alumni Award for Excellence.
•(2012) University of Idaho Food safety and HACCP workshop scholarship.
•(2012) 1st prize in Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Food Product Development (FPD) competition,Las Vegas, NV. Developed Mango-Mandazi to reduce both vitamin A deficiency and mango wastage in Kenya.
•(2009) Member of WSU sensory evaluation of dairy products team in the Annual Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest hosted by Kraft Foods.
•(2002) Ranked 22 among more than 5000 participants in the Iranian National Graduate Schools Entrance Exam in Food Science.
•(1998) Ranked 1012 among more than 300,000 participants in the Iranian National State Funded Universities.

Travel Awards

•(2013) USDA Mustard Meal Grant to present my research in the IFT Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.
•(2012) Student Grants Program to present my research in the IFT Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV conmmunications on children intake.



1. Golmohamadi A, Moller G, Powers J, and Nindo C. Effect of ultrasound treatment on antioxidant activity, total phenolics, and anthocyanin content of red raspberry puree. Ultrasounds Sonochemistry. 2013; 20 (5): 1316-1323.doi: 10.1016/j.ultsonch.2013.01.020.
2. Golmohamadi A, Morra M, and Nindo C. Utilization of mustard meal (Sinapis alba) extract to activate lactoperoxidase system. 2014.