Associate Editor

Caren J. Frost, PhD, MPH

Research Professor, Director, Global Social Work
Vice-Chair, Institutional Review Board
Co-Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Womens Health
Chair, MSW Global & Health Concentrations
College of Social Work
395 S 1500 E, room 266
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112, USA


Dr. Frost is a Research Professor with expertise in qualitative methods at the University of Utahs College of Social Work. She obtained a PhD in Medical, Cultural, and Applied Anthropology, and has an MPH in International Population and Family Health. For the College of Social Work, Dr. Frost chairs the Global and Health Concentrations for the Masters of Social Work Program. She teaches courses on evidence-based research, national and global issues in womens health, and human rights and gender issues in the Middle East & North Africa. She has developed learning abroad courses with partners in Mongolia and Ghana, and is working on an international study program to augment with social work interventionsin Morocco. Dr. Frost works with refugee womens groups along Utahs Wasatch Front and chairs the Refugee Reproductive Health Committee composed of committee partners and university faculty and students.Her research interests on refugee womens health, cancer development in youth populations, program evaluation, and needs assessments for non-profit organizations.

Research Interest

Her research interests include: Supportive Care, Qualitative Methods (social sciences), Maternal Mortality, Breast Cancer.

Scientific Activities


• College of Social Work, University of Utah, Mary Shields McPhee Memorial Award for Faculty Excellence in Research, (2010-2011)
• College of Social Work, University of Utah, Mary Shields McPhee Memorial Award for Faculty Excellence in Community Service, (2008-2009)
• University of Utah, Honors Professorship Recipient, Honors College, (2008-2009)
• University of Utah, Interdisciplinary Research Grant Award Recipient, (2009)
• University of Utah, Interdisciplinary Teaching Grant Award Recipient, (2006-2007)
• Faculty Fellow for Research Ethics Seminars at University of Utah, (2004-2006)
• Member of Fulbright-funded Faculty Exchange with University of Botswana & University of Utah, College of Social Work, March (2004)
• Society for Applied Anthropology Fellow, (2002-present)



• Chair, Academic Appeals Committee, (2013-present)
• Chair, Career-line Faculty Committee (reviews promotion & retention for auxiliary faculty), (2009-present)
• Chair, Travel Committee (reviews travel requests from faculty), (2011-present)
• Chair, MSW Global & Health Concentrations, (2013-present)
• Chair, MSW Health Domain, (2008-2013)
• Global Social Work Committee, University of Utah, (2005-present)
• College Development Committee, (2009-present)


• Academic Senate, (2014-present)
• Academic Senate Faculty Review Standards Committee, (2014-present)
• Asian Center Faculty Advisory Board, (2013-present)
• Center of Excellence for Womens Health, (2007-present)
• Classrooms of the Future, (2014-present)
• Consolidated Hearing Committee (addressing with faculty issues), (2009-present)
• International Exchange Commission, (2006-present)
• Learning Enhancement and Outcomes Assessment Ad hoc Committee, (2014-present)
• Vice-Chair, Institutional Review Board, 2002-2009; (2011-present)
• Middle East Faculty Advisory Board, (2012)
• Middle East Center Director Search Committee, (2008)
• Middle East Center Graduate Admissions Committee, (2008-2011)
• Study Abroad Committee, (2006-present)
• Technology Enhanced Curriculum Committee, (2009-2012)
• University-wide Senate Ad Hoc Committee for Outcomes Assessment, (2014-present)


• Salt Lake City Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Board Development Committee, (2007-2008)
• Salt Lake City Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Grants Chair, (2003-2007)
• Utah Department of Healths State Agency Partnerships for Promoting Child & Adolescent Mental Health, (2007-2010)
• Utah Department of Human Services, Human Subjects Protections Committee, (1999-2001)
• Utah Womens Health Coalition Chair, (2007-2010)


• Federal Region VIII Utah Womens Health Coalition, (2007-2010)
• U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, North Africa, (1983-1985)


• Ethics Consultant, Journal of Midwifery & Womens Health, (2009-present)
• International Advisory Board, CASS Journal of Art and Humanities published by the College of Art and Social Sciences, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana, (2008-2012)


• American Anthropological Association, (1991-present)
• American Public Health Association, (2005-present)
• European Social Work Research Association, (2014-present)
• Society for Applied Anthropology, (1993-present)
• Society for Anthropology, (1991-present)
• Utah Public Health Association, (2002-present)



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