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    Volume 1, Issue 3

Brief Research Report

Why do Organizations Focus on Health Equity in their Childhood Obesity Policy Work?Open Access

Lainie Rutkow*, Jessica C. Jones-Smith, Hannah J. Walters, Marguerite O’Hara and Sara N. Bleich


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Original Research

Compliance and Microbial Findings Among Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Health Care Workers in a Tertiary Hospital in Sudan: Pre- and Post-Intervention StudyOpen Access

Ikhlas Mohamed Hamed Elyas*, Abushadi Abdelfadeel Hassan and Adel Abu Elmaali Elsiddig


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Original Research

Management of Hypertension by Primary Health Care Providers in Khartoum, SudanOpen Access

Naiema Abdalla Wagialla* and Mustafa Khidir Mustafa Elnimeiri


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