Psychology and Cognitive Sciences Open Journal

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    Volume 3, Issue 4


eLearning EducationOpen Access

Juan Carlos Fernández-Rodríguez*


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Brief Research Report

How Social Status Influences “Affect Language” in TweetsOpen Access

Sheila Brownlow*, Jennifer C Beach and N. Clayton Silver


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Original Research

Psychological Pleasure in Reading and Visual Cognition Under Colour Luminance: A Psycholinguistic ApproachOpen Access

Male Shiva Ram*, Rishi Bhardwaj and Phani Krishna P


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Original Research

Volunteers Motives in Relation to their Task Preference in Health Service Delivery: A Case of West KenyaOpen Access

Beverly M. Ochieng* and Dan C.O. Kaseje


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Original Research

Anxiety and Depression among Pregnant Women in the Gaza StripOpen Access

Eslam Farhat Murtaja and Abdel Aziz Mousa Thabet*


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