Palliative Medicine and Hospice Care Open Journal

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    Volume 3, Issue 2

Original Research

Qualitative Study for the Development of a Telemedicine System in Palliative CareOpen Access

Miguel Sebastian Egoavil*, Daniel Flavio Condor, Miguel Alonso Pinazo- Vidal, Juan Manuel Quezada, Boris Manuel Fazio, Juan Carlos Bueno, Luis Enrique Peña, Jaime Farfán, Jose Gaspar De la Puente, Cesar Arce, Bregy Malpartida, Anthony Arostegui and Jose Enrique Pérez-Lu


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Research Study

Evolving A Sustainable Model of Guidance to Support Individual Care of Dying Patients: A National PerspectiveOpen Access

Helen E. Mitchell, Marlise Poolman and Rosalynde P. Johnstone*


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Research Study

Assessing Advance Care Plan Discussions in Hospice Day CareOpen Access

Rosalynde P. Johnstone*, Marlise Poolman, Kay Ryan, Penny Schofield and Bethany Watt


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