Know about Openventio Publishers 


Openventio Publishers is an Open Access (OA) themed Organization set up with 40 Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals.

The term “Openventio” means Open + Inventio ( in Latin = Inventions/Discoveries) which is well suited to the vision of our Organization. Openventio began its journey with very high standards and aspirations to bring up all the latest advances and innovative researches which are ongoing in the scientific field to a single platform through which it will be widely spread to the computers screens of the young as well as eminent scientists.

All the Journals running under Openventio platform are Open Journals which means all the in press articles as well as published articles will be freely available without any restrictions to either read, download, copy, distribute, reproduce/print for ones personal use, under the lincence of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, which is well-know as CC BY Licence.

Each of our Journals consists of a quality Editorial Board team as well as Review Board team whose support fills in the gaps of our strong foundation. Should you have further queries, please contact us at